Class of 1953 reunions



1953 - 45th

1953 50th

1953  55th

1953  60th
June 2013

Front Row left to right:
Betty Tallent, Pauline Smith, Doyle Human, Jeanette Bailey, Lois McEntyre,
Betty Mingie, Georgia Lyons, Bob Cummings

Back Row left to right:
James Burris, Jerry Brock, Joe Laugherty, Barbara Smith, Charles Watson,
Bradley White, George Kelly, David Lewis

Sept 2014

Front row:   Bob Cummings, Georgia Lyons Hamilton, Betty Talent Rader, Jeanette Bailey Human, Arville Patrick.
Back row:
   Polly Smith Johnson, Joe Laugherty, Charles Watson, George Kelly, Lois McEntyre Harbin,
Doyle Human, Gerald Brock, Bradley White.