Knock, Knock, Super Sex

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Knock, Knock, Super Sex

Postby rcpresl » Thu Aug 07, 2008 11:02 am

First, a bit of background... A lively, ninety-year-old man was retiring from his last job and his office mates decided to throw a large party to help him celebrate. They spared no expense, taking him to the finest hotel in town and ordering the finest wine and food, with all the trimmings. The only detail that they kept from him was their plan to have a lovely young lady of the night visit him after he retired to his room and offer herself to him for the rest of the evening.
Knock, Knock!!!
Who's There?
I'm your new friend Gina and I'm here to give you SUP-ER sex.
He thinks for a minute and then replies, "I think I'll have the SOUP"
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