Class of '73, 60th Birthday Bash & Reunion 4All Golden Bears

Reunion staff: Pres-Juanita McFall-Bishop, Treasurer - Michael Doyle, Assist Treasurer - Diana Farris Hyder, Secretary - Francis Hackney Dixson, Coordinator - Melanie McNew Rogers

Class of '73, 60th Birthday Bash & Reunion 4All Golden Bears

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Rule high School Class of '73, 60th Birthday Bash & Reunion. We would like to open our Birthday Bash & Reunion to all Golden Bears who attended RHS from 1928 to 1991.

Where: Bearden Banquet Hall
When: Saturday, August 29, 2015
Time: 6P to 10P
Location: 5806 Kingston Pike
Knoxville, TN 37919
Cost: $35.00 per person
Attire: Casual

This cost includes starting the evening with getting reacquainted, CD of the evening of pictures including pictures upon check-in, Class Pictures and/or Group Pictures depending on Classes and etc., dinner and dancing with the tunes via the DJ Jack Russell with Knox Vegas.

Reserve you space today to help Celebrate the 60th Birthday Bash. Get out your check book or money order and make it payable to: Rule High School Class of '73 Reunion

Mail to: Doyle Dental Lab, c/o Michael Doyle, Rule HS Class of '73 Reunion, 3805 Kincaid Street, Knoxville, Tennessee 37917

Any questions, please contact on Facebook Juanita Mc or Melanie Rogers.

For more information pull up the Event on Facebook and RSVP.

Many have expressed concern because they didn't graduate. They joined the service; transferred to another school, got married, GED; etc. It's okay. Were you supposed to graduate in '73, put Class of '73 or whatever year that is applicable.


It is vital to print and fill out the form and return ASAP. The banquet room only holds 100 Golden Bears. So we can not stress "enuf," how important it is to act IMMEDIATELY. Don't wait, you don't want to be left out.

Deadline for your reservations will be when we sell out or in house on and/or by Monday, August 24, 2015.

If you know, you want to be included but you don't have the funds at this time, please fill out the form, mail today and tell us when you will have the funds available. We want you there. Therefore, we are trying to make it possible for all GOLDEN BEARS TO RETURN TO THE DEN!

We will NOT be taking money at the door!

We are trying to keep the price down by utilizing Facebook, email addresses, news media, various brfst meeting and your help contacting all the RHS Attendees. The invitations were only sent to the RHS Class of '73 that didn't have an Facebook Page and/or an email address on file.

We are trying to make sure everyone from the Class of '73 has been notified. Would you please let us know, if you are able to attend and/or you are unable. Therefore, it will help us save time instead of try calling and/or contacting you further.

So plan now to Come and join Celebrating Our 60th Birthday Bash with Golden Bear Family!

If you know of any giveaways, donations and/or freebies please contact: Melanie Rogers via Facebook Messenger.

Any questions, please call Juanita Mc or message on FB (Juanita after 11A at 865 804 4816) or message Melanie Rogers.

Roll back the Memories with looking at our RHS 40th Class Reunion in 2013 with all Graduates and Attendees from 1928 to 1991.

***If you don't have a printer, don't worry, just write down the information requested below on a piece of paper so will can update the information. ***

SPECIAL MEAL REQUIREMENT: If you have a special meal requirement or allergies, please note on the form. We will try to accommodate by forwarding all request to Bearden Banquet Hall. Please note, if you need plain chicken or any other requirements.

Name in School
Present Name
City, State, Zip Code
Area Code, Phone Number*Home*Cell
Email Address
Facebook Name
Attending Name (Yr.)
Attending Name (Yr.)
Special Meal Request
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