40 year reunion

Reunion staff: Pres-Juanita McFall-Bishop, Treasurer - Michael Doyle, Assist Treasurer - Diana Farris Hyder, Secretary - Francis Hackney Dixson, Coordinator - Melanie McNew Rogers

40 year reunion

Postby Bob » Wed Jul 31, 2013 12:25 am

Juanita McFall from the Class of '73 and the Planning Committee is trying to get in contact with you for your Rule High School, Class of '73, 40th Year Reunion. They need your current name and graduating name, current mailing address, area code, area co, phone number, email address, and facebook name.

Don't forgot to announce & pass along to the CLASS of '73, we are having a 40th Class Reunion. We would like to open our Reunion to all Golden Bears from Class 1928 to 1991 and all attendees. When: Saturday, November 16, 2013 at the Bearden Banquet Hall at 5806 Kingston Pike from 6P to 10P. Attire: Church attire Cost: $40.00 per person Includes the following: dinner, CD from BJ Photography, dancing with the tunes of "Remember When" of the DJ David from KnoxVegas and etc. ONCE the Class of 73 has responded and if we have space, we would like to open up our reunion to all Golden Bears from 1928 to 1991.
Many have expressed they didn't graduate; because, they joined the service, transferred to another school, GED or etc, it's okay. Were you suppose to graduate in '73, put Class of '73 or whatever is applicable. Once a Golden Bear always a Golden Bear.
We have a wait list for the classes & attendees with funds paid in full will be applied in order. Once we sell out, we will take a wait list again till we get "enuf" to open up another banquet room (if available) . Hooray...Hooray! Go Golden Bears, we can have 200 Golden Bears at the Den!
Make your check or money order payable to: Rule High School Class of 1973 Reunion, Mail to: Doyle Dental Lab, c/o Michael Doyle, 3805 Kincaid St., Knoxville, TN 37919...
Please include the following: Graduating name, Present name, mailing address, area code, phone number *c*h*b, email address, Facebook name, Name(s) attending and year along with how many will be attending.
If you know you want to be included but you don't have the funds ASAP and need time. Please send the above info and tell us when you will have the funds available. We want you there! Therefore, we are trying to make it possible for all Golden Bears to return to the Den!
If you have a special meal requirement or allergies, please note. We will try to accommodate by forwarding all request to the Bearden Banquet Hall. Please note, if you need plain chicken or any other requirements.
Class Reunion Officers and Planning Committee Members are as follows: Juanita McFall-Bishop, President. Michael Doyle, Treasurer. Diana Farris Hyder, Asst. Treasurer, Frances Hackney Dixon, and Melanie McNew Rogers are trying to make this the "most enjoyable evening."
ANY questions, please call Juanita from 12N to 9P at 865/804-4816. or email to trvl10 at aol.com
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